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Saved on Camera - BBC1

Wildlife sanctuary boss Jan
(Image credit: BBC/Back2Back Productions Ltd)

Saved on Camera is a feel-good series featuring people who have really brought their A game with a series of good deeds caught, you guessed it, on camera

In this age of selfies and Instagram, it makes a nice change when the images captured on camera are selfless acts of bravery (Monday, 11.45am, see our TV Guide for full details).

And there are plenty of those in BBC’s new daily series Saved on Camera.

It's all about heart-in-the mouth rescues recorded on mobile phones, CCTV and dash-cams.

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In this first episode, two nine-year-old boys are rescued from the sea off Blackpool by quick-thinking father-of-three Paul Adams.

He was on the beach with his own family when he saw that something was definitely going wrong in the water. Paul emotionally recalls his actions.

Clair, Isaac and Paul at their reunion in Blackpool

Clair, Isaac and rescuer Paul at their reunion in Blackpool

And in the Shetland Isles, a seal pup (with very big teeth!) is recorded being freed after slowly being strangled by a rope hanging from a fishing boat.

TV Times rating: ***