Sgt. Stubby: An Unlikely Hero - Sky Cinema Premiere

The soldier and his dog
(Image credit: Central City Media)

A charming animation about a war hero dog

In 1917, a stray Boston terrier is adopted by a US army private (voiced by Logan Lerman) and becomes a decorated hero of the trenches in Sgt. Stubby: An Unlikely Hero.

Based on a remarkable true story (as the photos in the closing credits confirm), this family-friendly animated movie shares an unassuming charm with its eponymous canine protagonist, whose adventures start when he stows away on the ship taking his master and fellow doughboys to World War One France.

The film hits just the right tone, combining moments of pluck and humour, while evoking the perils of war - including artillery bombardments and mustard gas attacks - in a way that is never too scary for small children.

The animation itself is simple and straightforward, leaving it to the voice cast to provide the extra flourish. As well as Lerman, listen out for Helena Bonham Carter as his elder sister, the story’s unseen narrator, and Gérard Depardieu as an ebullient, wine-imbibing French soldier.

This film premieres on Saturday 15th June at 6.20pm.