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Sharon vows to help Dot

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Sharon's first attempt to get hold of her dad ends in failure. Heading to the prison to speak to Dot, Sharon is shocked when Dot refuses her help, telling her never to visit her again. Determined not to let Dot do this alone, Sharon promises Charlie and Roxy that she'll find the cash to hire a good lawyer.

Linda heads to the hospital for her scan with her family, but seems distracted. Noticing that Linda isn't as happy as she should be, Elaine confronts her. Linda confesses she's just heard that her case has been referred to the CPS and she's waiting to hear if Dean will be charged. Opening up to her mum, Linda reveals she's genuinely fearful the baby could be Dean's.

Kat dumps the kids on Mo when Stacey's not around to help. Realising Kim is struggling, Kat takes her to the Vic for a drink, annoying Mo when she finds out. Returning to the Vic after the scan, Mick and Linda are livid to find Kat helping herself to a drink, while also leaving her kids unattended. After Tommy throws up, Linda tells Kat and Kim to get out. When Kat returns home and continues to party, Stacey is worried.