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Sheila and Russell get hot and heavy

(Image credit: Cameron L'Estrange)

Russ accompanies Aaron and Mark to a LGBTI fundraiser at The Waterhole and Sheila takes time to flirt with Russ at every opportunity. As the charity event winds down, Russ asks Sheila out on a date, but she boldly invites him back to her place for a spa. Later, the pair are sprung in the buff by a horrified Naomi.

Naomi is surprised to learn that Paul is not only prepared to overlook Amy's costly mistake but is praising his daughter for her great work. Naomi decides to be honest with Amy, who confronts Paul, thinking it's best for everyone if she resigns and moves back to Mt. Merrian. A dismayed Paul finds himself facing the prospect of losing his daughter and grandson.

Karl notices how often his grandson keeps looking at his social media page so suggests a family bike ride. They stop at Kyle's Yard and Kyle's new apprentice accidentally soaks Karl with the hose, finally bringing a smile to Ben’s face. However, that night Ben receives a text from one of his Ballarat schoolmates, reminding him that he's still a loser.