Sian and Jez reach breaking point

Sian and Jez reach breaking point
Sian and Jez reach breaking point (Image credit: BBC/Shed Productions)

Pupil Mercedes, a keen athlete, is wanting to impress Jez with her running skills. He tells her that if she trains really hard, he believes that she could be a national champion. Meanwhile, there's a fun run scheduled for the end of the day. Everyone's gathered at the starting line, but before the race begins, Janeece gets the shock of her life when Craig proposes to her in front of the whole school - and she says yes! Soon after, the run is underway. Jez's star pupil Mercedes falls and hurts her ankle. Far from school and without a phone, she tells him that she lives a few minutes away, and that her mum is a nurse. Reluctantly, he takes her back home. However, once inside her house, it becomes clear that she has the wrong impression. She makes a move on him, believing he was interested in her. He's horrified, and pushes her away. However, Mercedes' brother Eugene thinks he saw something different, and he immediately heads to Waterloo Road where he tells Michael Byrne what's been going on. Michael thinks he has no other choice but to suspend Jez. Struggling to deal with her pregnancy, Trudi tells Finn that their relationship is over. He can't understand why she's breaking up with him, but instead of revealing the shocking truth, she lies to him and says that she only went out with him to annoy her brother, Tariq. Then, Sian and Jez talk in her office. She tells him that she doesn't want a baby with him, and that she thinks their marriage is over. Coupled with being suspended from his job, Jez is left devastated...

Patrick McLennan

Patrick McLennan is a London-based journalist and documentary maker who has worked as a writer, sub-editor, digital editor and TV producer in the UK and New Zealand. His CV includes spells as a news producer at the BBC and TVNZ, as well as web editor for Time Inc UK. He has produced TV news and entertainment features on personalities as diverse as Nick Cave, Tom Hardy, Clive James, Jodie Marsh and Kevin Bacon and he co-produced and directed The Ponds, which has screened in UK cinemas, BBC Four and is currently available on Netflix. 

An entertainment writer with a diverse taste in TV and film, he lists Seinfeld, The Sopranos, The Chase, The Thick of It and Detectorists among his favourite shows, but steers well clear of most sci-fi.