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Will Sid survive as a rapid response doctor?

(Image credit: BBC)

Will Sid's first day on the job end well?

It's Sid's first day as a fully trained rapid response doctor. With no big or dramatic emergencies taking place, however, Sid's finding his new role boring. When he tells Rob about his boredom, Rob quickly reminds him that a boring day means that the public is safe and sound. Soon, however, there's a gas explosion at a family home and Sid springs into action. But his eagerness to play the hero puts the family in danger…

Also, Megan helps Jimmi prepare for his therapy course. Megan reminds Jimmi that his role as a therapist is to help the patient figure out their own problems without being pushy. Jimmi instantly thinks of how he treated Al and goes off to apologise. Will Al accept his apology?