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Sienna collapses... Are her twins in danger!?

Sienna Blake Hollyoaks

As pregnant Sienna is rushed to hospital, will her unborn twins be OK?

Warren confronts Grace about the note sent to Sienna, but eventually believes it wasn't from her and they fall into bed together. But if Grace didn't post the note, who did? Later, as Warren gets a threatening text, Sienna collapses in pain and is rushed to hospital – will her babies be OK?

Generous Prince buys Lily a necklace with his window cleaning money. Prince heads over to Tony and Diane’s flat and walks in as Lily is trying on the necklace. When she realises her scar is visible, how will she react?

Also, Hunter covers Prince’s shift at The Dog, but witnesses Mac’s aggressive side when he threatens Harry. Later, Mac offers Hunter a job – will he accept?