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Sinead delivers a shock at Katie's funeral

At Katie's funeral, Diane stands at the front of the church to say a few words but is interrupted by Sinead, who stands before the mourners and tells them that Katy really was ill. Lindsey is poleaxed, while Diane is speechless. Tony ushers everyone out of the church and Diane and Sinead are left alone. Sinead slaps Diane hard across the face, but remains composed as she tells her mum that she'll never forgive her.

Grace and Trevor return to the village, but Fraser has set Grace up and she's swiftly arrested for attempted murder. Grace gets out on bail and tells Trevor that she wants Fraser dead.

Elsewhere, Tegan is devastated to realise the extent of her statement as Leela realises that Tegan knows who the driver was. She jumps to the conclusion that Tegan is protecting Ste.