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Sonia makes a big decision

sonia fowler

Martin takes Sonia to her appointment with the surgeon when Tina's too busy to go. He's stunned to learn that Sonia is planning on having her ovaries as well as her breasts removed. Explaining she's doing this to ensure she's there for Bex, Sonia returns home, only to find out that Sylvie has moved in.

Mick and Linda are left frustrated after the social worker cancels the appointment about Sylvie, dropping the bombshell that there's a four-week wait to find Sylvie an alternative home. Wanting to support her hubby, Linda insists that Sylvie can stay with them, until they realise that it's too much to take on with the family. Turning to Tina for help, Linda puts Tina in a difficult situation.

Ian discusses Bobby's appeal options with Ritchie, who claims there's a chance of a reduced sentence. When Ian visits Jane in hospital he finds Lauren already there, having made amends with Jane. Seeing Jane sitting in a wheelchair, Ian is overjoyed that her recovery has made a big leap forward. When Lauren shares with Ian that Jane doesn't want Bobby to appeal, Ian returns to the detention centre to tell Bobby he needs to serve his time.

Later, Ian receives a note from Max, warning him he'll never forget...