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Sonia shares worrying news with Bex

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Sonia is stunned after Soph's bombshell that she and Tina slept together. Upset and angry, Sonia kicks both of them out. With Tina in a bad way, Mick takes charge, going back to the flat with her to persuade Sonia to give her a chance to explain. After Mick leaves them alone, the couple argue, but after Tina is honest about her feelings they make up.

Bex gets home and Sonia sits her down to tell her about the lump she's found in her breast...

Stacey promises Kyle that she hasn't been gossiping about his past. Back home, Stacey finds Kyle arguing with Soph, who storms off. Offering her support, Stacey listens as Kyle admits that although he feels happy and settled in Walford, he still misses his mum. Stacey takes matters into her own hands, telling a shocked Kyle that she's called his mum Alison, who has agreed to visit tomorrow!

Masood has another date with Laura, witnessed by Carmel. Although the date seems to be going well, Masood soon realises that Laura has set him up. After stealing Masood's wallet, Laura stands by as Masood is punched by her partner.

Meanwhile, Jack sees Andy getting close to Stacey and warns him to keep his distance. Also, Ben and Paul reunite and Ben takes him for a romantic meal.