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Summer Bay gathers for Anzac day

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

VJ is on his way to help with the Anzac Day preparations when Matt invites himself along. Still in a funk over his fight with Josh, Evelyn tells him to snap out of it. Later, he bumps into Spencer who says he's leaving and wants no more trouble, which prompts Matt to leave a note for Leah explaining he needs some space to sort himself out.

Spencer tells John and Marilyn that he is moving back home. He also catches up with Roo and tells him how much he values their relationship. As he says his final and very emotional goodbye to Maddy, he leaves Summer Bay.

Zac decides to surprise Leah with a spontaneous picnic for two and she tells Zac she loves him. Her words take them both by surprise, as it's the first time she's said the L-word.

Roo is determined that Alf should attend the dawn service and insists she'll take responsibility for him, which tugs on his heartstrings. When Alf arrives at the Dawn service he's overwhelmed with the effort everyone has made.

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