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Susan hides her MS symptoms

Susan's rushed into hospital suffering from heatstroke and Karl guesses she's been keeping her MS symptoms from him. Later, Nene makes it very clear she's interested in Karl. Elsewhere, Mark drops by to let Paige know she's welcome at his place any time and to give her a small gift. Courtney predicts Paige and Mark will be back together within the week, and a determined Paige encourages Courtney to set her up with someone. She and Mark are over - she needs to move on.

Xanthe's on her best behaviour after Sheila's health scare, but when she catches Sheila dancing around the house she realises she's been duped and the pair argue. Sheila suffers chest pains, but Xanthe thinks she's lying and walks out, leaving Sheila to collapse. Luckily, Kyle later finds her on the floor.

Meanwhile, Amy is wary of introducing Kyle to her mother, unsure of Nene's current mental state. As a result, she’s not entirely keen when Kyle invites Nene to stay with them when she’s discharged.