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Susan's surprise birthday party is ruined

And it's Izzy's fault...

Karl is going to extreme lengths to make sure he throws Susan the perfect surprise party but Susan knows about the party but is happy to play along. Eager to make sure her party goes smoothly, Susan invites Izzy to the celebrations and makes it clear she doesn't want any trouble.

As things get underway at Susan’s party, Karl is upset to find out that Susan invited Izzy, as he now knows Susan knew about the party the entire time. However, Karl has bigger problems as a worried Clive informs Karl his sperm sample is missing. Karl immediately confronts Izzy with Susan by his side - but will Izzy tell the truth?

As baby Gabe is rescued from the lake, a remorseful Mark attempts to apologise to Paige and Jack, but they aren't interested and rush Gabe to hospital. Toadie tries to console Mark, but he quickly sees how hurt Mark really is and encourages him to be honest with Paige. Will Paige and Jack finally realise how much pain they have caused Mark and Steph?

Also, Rafael is becoming obsessed in his mission to make Paul pay for his mother's death. However, as he continues to dig for information, he keeps coming up empty handed. However, when he bonds with Sue over their mutual disdain for Paul, could she help Rafael bring Paul down?