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Tamwar finds out what Nancy's been hiding

Tamwar confides in Shabnam about not being able to open up to Nancy. When she encourages him to talk things through with her, Tamwar heads to the Vic, only to find her passed out on the floor. After Nancy comes round, they eventually talk about their feelings and insecurities, admitting they love each other. Loved up after sleeping with each other for the first time, Tamwar finds Nancy's jotter and learns her seizures are becoming more frequent.

Stacey's feeling uncomfortable at the 'romantic' meal at Beales' with Martin, who is the only one out of the pair of them that is feeling the love. Stoking up a row with Martin, Stacey storms out, leaving Martin feeling baffled. Later, Stacey has a surprise visit from Jean, who has some exciting news.

Sonia is stunned when she realises that Carol opened up to Shirley about her mastectomy scars rather than turning to her. The pair have a huge row but later reach out to each other, deciding to start afresh. Later, Carol visits Max and realises exactly how much he's struggling as he hides his shame at the state of his house.