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Tess and Fletch’s affair revealed!

(Image credit: BBC/Simon Ridgeway)

Tess’s affair with Fletch is revealed this week when Tess is involved in a train crash and former lover Fletch races to the scene to rescue her! Heartbreak follows when Fletch’s distraught wife Nat watches events unfold on TV - and the penny drops that Tess was his mistress!

Forced to make some grown-up decisions, and at Tess’s request, Fletch hands in his notice at the emergency department.

Meanwhile, Lily is furious with her private life being made public by brothers Ethan and Cal.

Last week normally mild-mannered Ethan punched his womanising brother Cal for bragging about his one-night-stand with junior doctor Lily. Now, with Cal sporting a back eye and Ethan nursing bruised knuckles, it’s obvious to everyone that the two doctors have been fighting, and the atmosphere between them all is frosty to say the least!

Over the course of their shift Lily softens towards an apologetic Ethan, but a resolution with Cal is a long way off.

New clinical lead Connie attempts to put her personal stamp on the ED but her efforts are overshadowed by the train crash.