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The Durrells
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As the Durrells continues, Louisa's house guests get ever more rowdy, and she worries about the her reputation in the village

As the Durrells continues, Louisa's house guests get ever more rowdy, and Gerry loses heart in his zoo...

After all the work they have done to be accepted on the island, Louisa (Keeley Hawes) now feels like the family has gone back to square one.

It comes to her attention that the locals have started gossiping about the company she is keeping at her guest house, not to mention her thinly-veiled flirtations with Spiros (Alexis Georgoulis).

The Durrells

Keeley Hawes as Louisa Durrell

Can she do anything to get back in their good books?

While she’s grappling with this, Leslie hatches a monumentally short-sighted plan to break up Spiros’ marriage, Margo makes a breakthrough with her pupil Maud, and Gerry (Milo Parker, pictured top) abandons his zoo when his heart gets broken.

And, as we soak up more sun-drenched scenery, the dark spectre of war looms...

TV Times rating: ****


Callum Woodhouse as Leslie Durrell

Chatting to TV Times in glorious Grecian sunshine, Callum Woodhouse, 25, and Daisy Waterstone, 24, AKA Leslie and Margo, reflect on their life-changing experience working on the show and reveal the mementos they’ll be taking from Corfu...

What’s still to come for Leslie and Margo this series?

Daisy: Margo has gone back to England to find herself but it’s 1939 and war is about to break out.

After learning a bit more about herself, she begins to think, ‘Hang on, I really want to be with my family.’ That’s where she feels she belongs, back on Corfu.

Also with Margo, there’s always a love interest, so you can guarantee there’ll be someone on the way!

Callum: We will see Leslie join the Scouts and he loves it – he’s in his element!

He ends up being glad that he didn’t become a father.

I’ve missed strutting around Corfu in the police uniform this year, but Leslie is always coming up with new weird things to do.

Will you be taking anything from the set?

Daisy: I’ve taken some of Margo’s make-up.

I love that in the 1930s people really did have proper belongings, like special hairbrushes that people had given them, and mirrors, and suitcases with initials on – I’ve tried to take a lot of that kind of stuff that belonged to Margo.

Callum: I’m trying to take as much stuff as I possibly can.

There’s a rubber shotgun I’d love to have and I’m definitely going to keep Leslie’s shorts – I want to frame them!


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