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The Mangrove River students arrive in Summer Bay

Casey's confident Tamara will have done well in her exams, while Oscar's worried about his first day at school, and doesn't want everyone to know that Zac is his uncle. Bianca is similarly daunted by the influx of new Mangrove River students while Zac tries valiantly to integrate them.

Nate enlists Ricky and Heath to help him search for Josh. Maddy reluctantly goes to school, knowing that he has a bad infection and could die if not found. Ricky returns to the house and finds a very sick Josh on her doorstep. Nate's concerned, but when Josh refuses to go back to hospital Nate and Ricky are forced to treat him there.

When a new student, Matt, runs into Tamara, Montgomery unfairly targets him. Matt starts making fun of Oscar and Sasha. When Maddy defends Oscar he snaps and tells her he can handle it. Heath and Casey show up to the school to throw some River Boy weight around, but all it does is give ammunition to Montgomery to use against Bianca. Bianca tells Casey and Heath to leave but Heath overhears Matt calling Bianca a slag and threatens him.

Meanwhile, Zac and Bianca find Bianca's office vandalised and they are convinced that Matt is behind the graffiti.

Ellen Markwardt
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