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The Repair Shop - BBC1

Jay Blades and the Repair Shop team

More stories of objects that mean something being restored to their former glory. A simple formula, but The Repair Shop gets it right

The twinkling fairylights festooning the Repair Shop’s barn are in overdrive in this feelgood festive special (Sunday, 7pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

As ever, it sees Britain’s craftspeople bringing worn-out treasures back to life.

The Repair Shop team with a harmonium

Restoring harmony with a harmonium

Experts Dom, Tim and Jay are tasked with restoring a much-loved (if dilapidated) iconic Raleigh Chopper bike for brothers Glenn and Andrew.

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Meanwhile toy restorers Amanda and Julie have their paws – sorry, hands – full, repairing an 80-year-old teddy bear.

A broken clockwork train set and a harmonium used for family singalongs also get impressive overhauls and the resulting joy on the owners’ faces really tugs at the heartstrings.

A perfect antidote to all the festive excess.

TV Times rating: ****