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The Royal House of Windsor - Netflix

Princess Elizabeth at the microphone
(Image credit: Topical Press Agency)

Another chance to see acclaimed series The Royal House of Windsor, about the Royal Family and how it re-invented itself for the modern era

With the latest series of The Crown available to watch on Netflix this weekend, here’s a timely reshowing of The Royal House of Windsor, C4’s excellent documentary series about the modern Royal Family (Saturday, 9.55pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

This second episode begins in the late 1940s as King George VI, the Queen and the two princesses embark on a royal tour of South Africa, leaving Britain in the grip of postwar austerity and the worst winter on record to date.

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During the tour, Princess Elizabeth turned 21 and broadcast the now-famous speech in which she vowed to devote her whole life to service – surely not expecting that she would be queen within just four years. You can see the whole of this series on Netflix.

TV Times rating: ****


Main picture: Getty Images