Tony embraces Hollyoaks' Gay Pride

Esther and Scott have gone into Gay Pride overdrive and present their ideas to Tony. He lies that the council haven't approved their plans but feels pressured when the University LGBT committee arrive at The Hutch. Tony's pleasantly surprised by how much money they're spending and when Esther tells him it's a shame he can't cash in on the 'pink pound', Tony has a change of heart and declares Hollyoaks Pride back on!

Leela's drunk and goes to The Dog to see Peri, who still wants nothing to do with her. Tegan takes Leela home and is stunned when she hears about her and Ziggy's breakup. She leaves Leela to sober up, but when Leela then gets a call from work, she grabs her car keys and heads out for her shift. Tegan goes to see Ziggy, who's confused to hear Leela’s been drinking 'in her condition'. Later, they panic when Tegan gets a call from the hospital saying Leela’s been injured in a fire. Ziggy crumples with guilt when Dr S'Avage tells him there is no baby.

Harry finds out Ste's on his own at the flat and goes to see him. Ste's first instinct is to push Harry away, blaming him for Sinead and Hannah leaving. But the pair can't keep their hands off each other and kiss. However, they're interrupted by Diane arriving home and have to hide behind the kitchen island. They manage to escape but Diane's scared when she hears the front door shut and there's no one there. When Scott comes home, he's alarmed when Diane comes to the conclusion that she thinks Tony is poisoning her!

Also, Pete appeases Cleo for now but he knows she's a ticking time bomb. Peri knows Cleo's seeing someone with a girlfriend and encourages her to tell the truth, warning her that secrets always come out. Cleo braces herself to tell Reenie about her and Pete - but he interrupts and is furious when he realises what Cleo was planning.


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