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Tori and Nate grow closer...

Nate Cooper in Home and Away

Tori turns up at Nate's house with a bottle of wine

Roo is horrified as she watches Nate and Tori work to bring a flat lining Alf back to life. The pair rush Alf off to have a MRI scan. Afterwards, he is placed on a life support and Roo is told he may never wake up. Later, Tori turns up a Nate’s house with a bottle of wine and after congratulating him on treating Alf, she falls asleep on the sofa.

Josh is left heartbroken after visiting Andy in prison and takes out his frustration on Evelyn. Meanwhile, Zac and Hunter have an emotional heart to heart. Hunter is left fuming when he misinterprets Josh claiming Andy’s innocence. Furious Hunter races to the police station and sees a handcuffed Andy being taken away – suddenly he grabs a pair of scissors and attacks Andy…

Phoebe rewards Justin with a free pizza for saving Alf’s life when Mason suddenly turns up and punches Justin for telling Lara to back off. Brody quickly explains that Mason is their brother and drags Justin and Mason out of Angelo’s.