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Tracy collapses in the Ginnel!

Tracy Barlow
(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Tracy takes Eccles for a walk, but collapses in agony

Amy tells Tracy she’s not welcome at her violin recital but Tracy cancels her specialist appointment and heads there anyway. When she arrives, Amy loses concentration and rushes from the stage humiliated. In the foyer, Tracy makes bitchy comments about Amy’s lack of talent but is mortified to realise Amy’s overheard. Later, Tracy takes Eccles for a walk but collapses in agony.

Izzy drops Jake off with Anna and breaks down in tears, aware she may not see him again for a long time if she’s sent to prison. Overcome with emotion, Izzy kisses Gary and he kisses her back.

When Maria announces that her cooker has broken down, Caz insists they’ll host Liam’s party. At the party, Liam accidentally causes Maria to spill a drink over Caz. With nimble swiftness, Caz moves her leg out of the way and Luke realises she’s not in any pain at all.

Phelan tells his mate about his plans to empty Jason’s bank account and steal his business. But when Eileen reveals Jason has given her control of the business finances, Phelan has to mask his fury.