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Tyler and Paige kiss?

(Image credit: Heath McKinley Photographer)

Paige and Tyler panic about holding the money Dimato has left, so they make the drop themselves. But when the drop off point turns out to be overrun with police hosting a community fundraiser they hide down the well and end up stranded. Unable to climb out without being spotted, they finally give in to the chemistry between them, kissing passionately.

Naomi is furious to learn that Brennan has sought advice on dating her from Paul and confronts them both. Paul apologises, confessing he was jealous of Brennan but he's not going to risk ruining another relationship so there's still no chance of them getting back together. While, Brennan, who is still secretly pining for Paige is relieved when Naomi dumps him.

Georgia discovers a cancer research centre, which may be able to offer her mother effective treatment. However, it is in Germany and Georgia must deal with her anxious father who is stressed about who will run the family farm in their absence. Feeling under pressure, she almost over-medicates Nell.