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Tyler meets his biological dad

Will Tyler embrace his father?

Tyler is shocked to find out the man he played pool with is Hamish Roche, his father. Tyler wants nothing to do with him, but after a heart to heart with Mark, Tyler changes his mind. Hamish and Tyler get on like a house on fire and, later, Tyler and Hamish have dinner with Aaron and Mark.

The boys explain that Russell left them all playing cards when he died and Hamish comments that he never met Mark and Aaron's father. However, when alone, Hamish reveals a playing card in his hand, the missing Ace of Spades…

The Brennan brothers are still trying to figure out who told Hamish about Tyler. When they find out who spilled the beans, however, there are consequences for Aaron….

Also, Yashvi and Ben both feel awkward after their kiss. Ben makes it clear that he has feelings for Yashvi but she doesn't feel the same. Yashvi turns to Dipi for support and Dipi advises her to come clean about the rumours. Will Yashvi take her advice?