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Vanessa goes into labour!

Having fallen over and felt pain, pregnant Vanessa is in hospital where she’s stunned to learn she’s in labour. Panicking about having the baby so early, she pleads with Kirin to stay with her even though her ex isn’t the baby’s father. (Well, even though she and her ex think he’s not the father!)

When Adam notices he’s missed a ton of calls on his mobile, he learns Vanessa’s having ‘their’ baby and races up to the hospital. It’s emotions a-go-go as Vanessa goes through labour, later giving birth to a baby, who’s not yet out of the woods…

At the B&B, Pollard’s stunned when David explains he and Alicia have split over their differing ideas about the future. David’s taken aback by his dad, who kicks off at David for actively choosing to lose his wife when Pollard lost his whether he liked it or not.

Debbie tells Pete he can say goodbye to the kids, for good. Meanwhile, Ross can barely feign his interest as Emma harps on about Debbie and Pete. It’s clear he’s got a plan. What exactly is Ross planning?