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Vincent faces Claudette

Kim is outraged by Donna's baby suggestion, turning to Patrick for support and also contacting Claudette. Annoyed when Patrick backs Vincent's decision to help Donna, Kim is further frustrated when Claudette turns up and also supports the idea. Angry that Kim brought Claudette to the house, Vincent snaps at Claudette to leave.

Lauren tells Abi they need to be there for their dad as the day of Max's court hearing arrives. When Abi insists she can't face him, Lauren suggests they write him a letter of support, inviting him to meet them in The Vic. Handing Stacey the letter for Max, the family are disappointed to learn Stacey had to leave the letter with Max's solicitor. Later, Max posts the letter back through the door, leaving before Lauren can catch up with him.

Les is wracked with guilt about slipping back into being Christine when Pam tries to make an effort by suggesting that Ben could stay the night. As Pam prepares for Ben's arrival, Les gathers up Christine's belongings, intending to dump them. Unable to bring himself to do it, Les hides them. When he later can't resist trying on Christine's wig, he is seen...

Also, Louise encourages Bex to play hard-to-get with Shakil, hoping he'll dump her.