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Why does Whitney Carter have a pregnancy test?

EastEnders - Whitney
(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Whitney is stunned when she spots a pregnancy test in the bin and she starts looking around for the owner, although Tiffany is the obvious answer...

Whitney is shocked when she notices a pregnancy test in the bin. After finding the test, she is immediately suspicious that it’s something to do with Tiffany. Confronting Tiff, Whitney insists that she wants to know what’s going on. Has Tiffany got something to confess to her?

Karen is still confident that the job in the launderette is hers. When she finds out that someone else has been offered the job, she is outraged! After badgering the manager, Karen manages to secure herself a trial - along with her rival - with the most impressive candidate set to win the job. Will Karen get what she wants?

Ian enjoys having a heart-to-heart with new neighbours Mariam and Arshad. Ian wastes no time in bragging about his own position in the community and his successful businesses. Mariam and Arshad lap it up!