Who betrayed Zosia to the media?

Zosia's already struggling to keep her bipolar disorder under control as she deals with the fact her friend and fellow medic, Arthur, is battling cancer. Following Holby's recent security breach, Zosia learns that a newspaper is running a front-page story exposing ‘mentally ill medics’ operating at the hospital. Although she isn’t named in the article, Zosia’s anxious when heart patient, Alex Lambert, then starts asking questions. So when her name is later leaked online, Zosia’s convinced Alex is responsible and she loses it with him!

Zosia’s determined to see Alex’s case through but she's unaware that her dad, Guy Self, has been telling her boyfriend, senior doctor Ollie Valentine, that she's not coping. As Zosia prepares for theatre, consultant Mo reveals a senior staff member has expressed concerns over her mental state, so she can't let her assist in Alex’s op. Zosia’s furious that someone would question her competency – and when she realises it's Ollie of all people who got her thrown off the case, she dumps him on the spot. Can their relationship be saved?

Meanwhile, Serena returns from suspension, following the hospital data theft, to find Bernie's been helping out on AAU. Serena's glad of the support but their friendship turns sour when Hanssen reveals Bernie’s actually under orders to oversee HER ward! Unhappy about being 'monitored', Serena offers her resignation to Hanssen. But as Serena packs up her office, she opens a parcel on her desk to find it's a 'welcome back' gift from Bernie. Now realising she's got her new friend all wrong, Serena knows she must find a way to put things right…

Also, as Arthur embarks on a soul-searching daytrip, Dominic leaves him to go it alone. But when Arthur struggles, Dominic makes a selfless decision...


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