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Who's the father of Amber's baby?

Paige, Imogen and Daniel take part in Josh's fitness trial and begin to have a good time. Half-way through the session, however, Amber throws up. Paige suspects she's pregnant and Amber confirms it's true. Paige comforts her sister and assures her Daniel will be over the moon. But Amber is forced to admit the baby might not be Daniel's…

Dimato tells Tyler he's bought the garage and wants to use it as a chop shop. Tyler decides to skip town but Michelle sees him and threatens him until to agrees to stay. Meanwhile, Brennan is fuming to discover that Dimato has skipped bail and his case is as good as gone. The only consolation is that he shut down Dimato's chop shop but knowing the operation has been resurrected, Tyler feels sick with guilt.

Karl and Kyle squabble over being the leader of the bike club but soon find they are united in their growing impatience with Lou, who is slowing them down on their rides. But when Lou reveals his appreciation of the male companionship the club provides, the men can't kick him out.