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Will anyone help Heston?

(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Heston is in a daze after being drugged

Heston wakes up next to a bench. He's as high as a kite and has no idea where he is. He starts to have flashbacks, which leave him disorientated. He then stumbles into a local florists and tries to explain that he's a doctor, but because of his current state, the florist kicks him out!

Heston manages to stumble his way to The Mill, but the surgery closed. Is anyone inside to hear his cries for help, and what will happen when a 'friend' sees Heston stumbling around and steals his wallet?

Meanwhile, Ruhma is concerned that Heston hasn't come home. She heads to the police station, but Rob isn't interested in Heston's disappearance, telling Ruhma he has more important cases to worry about!