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Will Ayesha get justice for Bren?

(Image credit: BBC)

It's the day of the inquest and Ayesha prepares to the stand against Emma and Rob

It is the day of the coroner's inquest and Ayehsa is on edge as she prepares to take the witness stand. Valerie tells Ayesha to keep an open mind, but she's not interested - she wants Emma and Rob in prison. Emma, Rob and Ayesha all arrive in court and Ayesha refuses to even look in their direction.

As the inquest starts, Ayesha yells out that the police attacked Bren first, but is told to be quiet. Soon after, Ayesha gives her testimony and tells the court how Emma is responsible for killing baby Nicholas, but her claims are dismissed. Ayesha says everything to place the blame on Emma and Rob - but will it be enough?

Later, it's Rob's turn to take the stand - but will he be able to hold it together? Also, when Samira gives her testimony, she condemns Emma failing to inform anyone about Rob's memory lapses. Has Samira's testimony placed Emma in the frame for Bren's death?