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Will Billie and Kyle kiss?

Kyle is sulking over Ash interfering in his drug run. Later that night, Kyle finds Billie on the sofa and as the pair talk, Billie leans in for a kiss. Meanwhile, Brax pays Gunno a visit in his cell and tells him to stay away from his family.

Ricky and Nate tell Brax about Kyle's drug runs; Brax tells Ricky he will deal with Gunno. Later, Nate tells Ricky she needs to put her baby first; causing her to snap and unfortunately, Kat sees everything and demands to know the truth.

Andy is officially a personal trainer and decides that Oscar should follow in his footsteps. Andy gushes that Oscar is a great student, until Oscar says he doesn't want to be a personal trainer.

Billie needs a place to stay, but refuses Ash's offer of his caravan. Later, Billie runs into Denny who realises Ash lied about whereabouts. She confronts him and he admits he was drug smuggling for Gunno, but Denny isn't interested and dumps him.

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