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Will Chrissie leave Holby with Michael?

(Image credit: BBC)

Since joining Holby in 2001, life's certainly been eventful for ward sister Chrissie Williams. In the last few weeks alone, she's overcome cancer, agreed to divorce husband Sacha and kissed close pal Michael. He clearly wants something more from their kiss last week, but they're forced to put any ideas of romance on hold to treat patient Eve, who's suffered burns from having acid thrown in her face.

Chrissie wants Michael to help Eve, the way he helped her when she was attacked with a scalpel by her ex, Stuart. But when hospital politics threatens to get in the way of Eve's treatment, Michael tells Chrissie they should just leave Holby. Later, when it turns out Eve's boyfriend is the one who attacked her, yet the girl vows to stand by him, Chrissie starts to consider what she really wants from life and decides to leave Holby.

Elsewhere, Arthur struggles to cope as Malick spirals out of control - but can he stand up to his forbidding mentor?

And Mo faces up to the gritty realities of her relationship with ex Joey. But will she ever notice that Mr Right's standing in front of her?