Will Fletch commit to Clifford's dodgy deal?

After being evicted with his family from his home due to unpaid debts, AAU ward manager Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher was so desperate for cash that he agreed to get involved in hospital porter Clifford's get-rich-quick scheme to steal drugs from a pharmaceutical van. Clifford has the perfect plan: all Fletch has to do is steal the delivery van driver's keys and hide them in the hospital vending machine drop box for the robbers to collect, so that they can steal from the van. Fletch is uneasy, though, and tells Clifford he wants out!

That's when Clifford admits he's involved with violent drug dealers, and he needs the cash from the robbery to pay them off before they do real damage. What's more, Clifford then reveals that the dealers know about Fletch and his kids! Fearing his family could now be in danger, Fletch sees no other option but to take part in the robbery. But when Fletch's patient Kelly deteriorates and he races to her aid, he fails to carry out the vital drop-off. Fletch knows he's done the right thing – but is it a decision he'll live to regret?

Meanwhile, convinced she's been overlooked for the Transplant Coordinator job, Essie's annoyed that Sacha's failed to pass on a crucial letter detailing that she's been selected for an interview – that day! Unprepared and inappropriately dressed, Essie makes a hash of the interview with Holby CEO Henrik Hanssen and doesn't get the job. When Essie fears she's slipped into a PA role to Sacha and his kids she decides it’s time to put herself first. As she makes an empassioned plea to Hanssen, it looks like she may have landed herself the job after all…

Also, when a patient asks for Jesse's professional help with a legal matter, Adele really thinks he should offer his support. But when Jesse and Adele fundamentally disagree on the politics of the case, it becomes clear that they don’t know each other as well as they thought they did.

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