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Will Heston be a hero?

Heston Carter in Doctors
(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Or will Heston's plan fail miserably?

Heston is in an upbeat mood. He tells Ruhma that he'll be taking things easy, much to her delight. After Ruhma has left for work, Heston enters Shak's room and tells him that he will always be there for him. Shak is still half asleep and makes a grumbling noise. Heston leaves... on a mission to bring Liam to justice. He parks outside the warehouse waiting for Liam to arrive - but will Heston be able to pull off his plan? And will the police arrive in time?

Meanwhile, Ben is shocked that no one at The Mill has changed towards him since he came out as gay. In fact, the staff couldn't care a less; besides Zara, who is furious that Ben wasted staff time for a personal issue. Then Valerie says she's upset because she didn't witness Ben's big coming out moment!