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Will Jane ditch Ian at the wedding?

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Jane is thrilled when both Christian and Tanya arrive in time for the wedding. Things take a dark turn, however, when Jane finds the card left by Lauren. As the wedding begins, Peter learns where Lauren has gone and rushes out.

Max has tracked Lauren down to the abortion clinic. When Peter turns up Lauren is forced to confess that she knows what happened to Lucy. Back at the ceremony, Jane has a wobble, nearly ditching her vows. Heading home, Jane calls Masood, asking him to take Bobby for the night. Ian turns up, followed by Peter, who claims that one of them must be Lucy's murderer!

Kat makes a fool of herself at the wedding, when she's so drunk that she's sick in the Square. A disgusted Alfie leaves Stacey to look after her. When Kat is sad about the blackened shell of their house, Stacey determines to sort things out for her.

Also, Dot is forced to confess to a stunned Charlie that she was harbouring Nick at No.23, claiming that she killed him. Mick is horrified when he sees Dean lurking in the Square. Linda is chuffed when she catches Jane's bouquet.