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Will Maddy and Matt get it on?

Maddy turns to Matt about Alf's aggressive behaviour. When Evelyn sees the pair together, she suggests a spontaneous camping trip. With only two tents between them, Matt offers to sleep under the stars so Josh can stay with Evelyn. Evelyn and Josh go to bed early, leaving Maddy and Matt to share a tent together as friends. The next morning, Evelyn wants to hear all the details about Matt and Maddy's night together, but she pushes Matt too far as tells her nothing happened.

Ricky manages break up Ash and Kyle’s fight and, when Ash leaves, Kyle confesses he’s sleeping with Billie. Later, Kyle tells Billie that he’s not over Phoebe, but she’s not surprised by the news. Ash and Kyle make their peace, but Ash is worried that Billie will leave again, so Ricky has a heart to heart with her.

Alf explodes at Maddy when she asks him about his photograph of Ailsa, and Roo confronts her father. Alf knows he’s in the wrong, but refuses to accept her help.