Win the Wilderness: Alaska - BBC2

(Image credit: BBC/Twofour)

The heat is on in Alaska for the couples competing to win their own bit of pristine secluded glory in Win the Wilderness: Alaska

The competition to inherit Duane and Rena’s remote Alaskan home continues in Win the Wilderness: Alaska with a navigation test (Sunday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Split into male and female teams, the contestants then must work together to navigate through thick forest.

Emily and Mark

Will it be Emily and Mark who win through?

Based on their performance in the task a second couple are chosen to fly to Ose Mountain to meet Duane and Rena and show them they have what it takes to continue what this remarkable couple have started, before they head off for a well-earned retirement in Minnesota.

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As the remaining wilderness wannabes are given a shooting lesson Alaskan style, back at Ose Mountain, Rena and Duane question the chosen couple about their plans and don’t get the answers they were expecting.

TV Times rating: ***