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Xanthe and Ben see Piper and Tyler kiss

Xanthe Canning and Ben Kirk in Neighbours

Will Xanthe and Ben tell Brad and Terese?

Tyler pushes for total transparency with Brad and Terese, but Terese still refuses to give Piper her blessing. Piper ignores Terese’s warning and arranges another secret meeting with Tyler, but Xanthe and Ben are watching as she reveals her plans to go all the way with him on the night of the school formal.

When Madison moves out of the hotel and into the Willis house, Paul sticks to his guns – even when Amy expresses her disappointment. Gary helps Amy understand the root cause of Paul’s actions, and she can’t help but go to him to let him know she is still on his side, despite everything.

Sonya accepts Steph’s offer of a night off from looking after Nell so that she and Toadie can have some alone time together. But a stubbon Toadie rejects Sonya’s advances and uses the time to catch up on work. Returning with Nell, Steph mentions her chat with Sonya and Toadie’s annoyed as he reacts to his wife sharing intimate details of their relationship.