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Get off our land! Zak and Sam take action to protect the Dingle homestead

Zak Dingle, Sam Dingle

Zak and Sam defend their home from surveyors who want to measure up ahead of the place being knocked down to make way for a road

The turf war between Zak and the council rages on. When land surveyors turn up wanting to measure up ahead of the plans to knock down the Dingles' home, he and Sam swoop into action and give them what for. Luckily, things don't turn violent but Zak knows this is just the start of the battle to protect his home. As the game keeper puts up 'keep out' signs, Pollard looks on, wracked with guilt for his part in their plight.

Elsewhere in the village it's the big night - the Emmerdale Chrimbo lights switch-on! Will Debbie's new bloke Tom's intro into the public domain go well?

And… a spark puffs up between Leyla and Pete.

[First episode of evening].