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Zara and Daniel return from holiday

(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Has Zara been missed by the staff at The Mill?

As Zara and Daniel return from their luxurious getaway in the Caribbean, Zara immediately assumes that everything has fallen apart in her absence, but Mrs Tembe tells her everything's been running smoothly. With things running like clock work, Zara is annoyed that her absence wasn't missed. Meanwhile, Valerie has a string of strange questions for Daniel. What is she up to?

Also, Al receives the results of his MRI scan and is shocked to learn there's nothing wrong with his brain. Instead of being overjoyed that he is fit and healthy, however, Al's annoyed that he hasn't been able to identify what exactly is wrong with him. When Al lashes out at Zara and Daniel as they show off their holiday snaps, Ayesha's disgusted by his behaviour and suggests his problems may be psychological. Could she be right?