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Zosia flips out and is ejected from theatre!

Dr Zosia March faces a major setback in her battle with bipolar disorder in Tuesday's Holby...

Dr Zosia March had managed to get her bipolar disorder under control – but after weeks of not properly treating her illness, this week she puts herself and a patient in jeopardy.

When Zosia overhears dad Guy and Holby chairman Tristan planning to take a theatre away from Darwin, Zosia vows to impress Tristan as she treats 16-year-old Caitlin, who’s with her dad Cash (ex-EastEnders star Chris Coghill).

When Zosia shows signs of paranoia, Tristan, questions her state of mind but Jac insists her protégé is fine. Zosia’s clearly becoming increasingly manic though and, later, when she ignores Jac’s orders in a frantic bid to save Caitlin, Jac’s forced to eject her from theatre! Does Zosia need help?

Essie meets 14-year-old Parker when his mum, Kim, is admitted for the second day in a row after another fall. As Essie questions Kim’s reasons for injuring herself repeatedly, she lands herself in hot water when she voices her concerns to Parker. Later, however, Essie's day spent with Parker prompts her to make a big decision about her future…

Also, Morven tries to keep her distance from patient, Aiden, when he flirts with her. But she finds herself growing fond of him after she witnesses him in a moment of vulnerability.