90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All — the most shocking revelations

Shaun Robinson and Natalie on stage at the 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All
Shaun Robinson and Natalie, 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All (Image credit: TLC)

The 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All is underway, and as always, members of the 90 Day universe are airing it all out in front of host Shaun Robinson. In a season that finally saw Debbie find romance and Natalie end up back on Mike's doorstep, viewers had a number of questions about the future of the singles searching for love. So what happened when the season reunion started airing — quite simply, a lot. 

Here are some of the most shocking revelations from the 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All.  

Natalie has no plans on divorcing Mike, but Mike doesn't want her back

Natalie smiling in 90 Day: The Single Life season 3

Natalie on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 (Image credit: TLC)

One of the more defining revelations made in the first part of the Tell All is that Natalie has no plans of legally ending things with Mike. She also isn't necessarily moving back to Washington state to reconcile with her husband. The reality star is currently residing in Florida and planning to move to Los Angeles, which is closer to her season 3 love interest Josh. However, the two made it abundantly clear that they are not officially in a relationship and don't use the labels boyfriend and girlfriend.  (Considering she still calls someone husband for the foreseeable future, perhaps this is for the best.)

Natalie's pending move and her relationship status with Josh was cloaked in a lot of mystery, which Shaun and the other castmates weren't shy about trying to solve. When Tim pressed Josh about his hesitancy with Natalie, the former hypothesized that the fact Natalie was still married is to blame. However, before Josh had an opportunity to really express his feelings on the topic, Natalie turned to him and stated:

"I will never divorce for a guy who is not gonna be there for me, and I don't give a f**k what you think of me, honestly."

The sentiment was definitely a bit cold on all accounts. While Josh seemingly shrugged it off, Natalie's castmates Tania and Tiffany grilled her on whether or not she was only hanging onto Mike as a "backup" partner. Shaun even asked Natalie if she still wants to be in a relationship with Mike, which is a fair question since she spent the season finale telling Mike she wanted to reconcile. 

In Natalie fashion, she replied to Shaun's inquiry by stating, "I'm not holding to Mike. Mike is a part of my life. We talk." The 90 Day star then walked off the set. 

Later in part 3 of the Tell All, Mike appeared and gave his input on the status of him and Natalie.  

Mike confirmed that, presently, he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with his wife. However, he also stressed that Natalie has other things she wants to do right now, so he didn’t think she wanted to be in a relationship with him or Josh anyway. Natalie actually agreed with him on this point. Naturally, this raises the question, "why hasn’t Mike filed for divorce?" 

Shedding some light on this question was Mike’s mother Trish, who also surfaced in the reunion event. Trish admitted she thought her son was about three-quarters of the way on being over Natalie, but the real reason he hasn’t filed for divorce yet was due to things they didn’t want to share on camera. This mysterious revelation certainly stirs up intrigue within viewers. 

Tiffany alleges Ronald cheated and took money from her

Tiffany on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3

Tiffany on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 (Image credit: TLC)

It was a bit disheartening to find out in the Tell All that Tiffany and Ronald are not in a good place. As the couple started airing their marital laundry, it became clear why that is. 

First, it's revealed that when the two initially separated, Ronald actually acquired a girlfriend. Tiffany found out about this other woman while looking online. Ouch! However, despite the incident, she told him they could start over with a clean slate, hence the reason she was in South Africa in the season 3 finale. Unfortunately, their new start was short-lived. 

As the first part of the Tell All continued and things between the married couple grew more contentious, Tiffany alleged that a few days after her arrival in South Africa, Ronald was messaging with the previously mentioned other woman and was even receiving money from her. Furthermore, Tiffany accused Ronald of taking her own debit card to steal $200 to go gambling. Ronald vehemently denied the accusation of theft. 

Caesar is dating two women, plus Alona gives the real reason why she broke things off with him

Caesar talking in his confessional in 90 Day: The Single Life

Caesar on 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 (Image credit: TLC)

When viewers last saw Caesar, he was in talks to bring his Ukrainian girlfriend Alona to the US. Well, early on in the Tell All special, he made it known that the two are no longer together. Then in an astounding twist, Caesar showed he wasn’t disheartened by the turn of events because he’s already moved on. He’s dating not one, but two different women. That’s a point that was further explored in the Tell All part two. 

Apparently, Caesar is dating two Ukrainian women named Katrina and Stella, who are planning to come to the states to live with him — at the same time. According to him, they are in somewhat of a throuple relationship and he’s ready to welcome them into his home and even start having children. 

Most of the other 90 Day stars on the reunion stage were surprised by this news. Natalie and Debbie argued it was disgusting, while Veronica expressed her own views on why his current dating life seems problematic. However, Tania wished him well and wants him to be happy. 

As part three of the Tell All aired, Alona finally appeared via a video phone call to explain why she called things off with Caesar. According to her, shortly after the two started dating, Russia invaded her home country Ukraine. The aftermath of the events that have taken place since have understandably taken a toll on her, and she wasn’t able to prioritize a new romance. 

However, as some time has passed, Alona let it be known that not only is she ready for romance, but she is ready to pursue a romance with Caesar if they are able to meet in person and they still feel that spark. 

When Shaun asked if that was something Caesar would be interested in, he was clearly on board. He even admitted that he’d break things off with the other two women if he and Alona discovered they still had chemistry after meeting. 

Caesar finally explains why he prefers to date Ukrainian women

Caesar on 90 Day: The Single Life smiling

Caesar, 90 Day: The Single Life (Image credit: TLC)

For his entire stint on TV, viewers have been desperate to know why Caesar only seems to date Ukrainian women. Fans couldn’t fathom why he doesn’t try looking for love in the US, but always takes his search to Ukraine. When Shaun asked him about this dating practice he stated he goes to the country "because I want to get them straight from the country."

Understandably, the comment didn’t go over well. That’s when Tim stepped in and tried to clean it up. Tim claimed:

"I think he chose his words poorly. I think what he meant is that he didn’t want them westernized yet. I feel like in other countries women treat me better and look at me at a higher standard than women in this country."

Tim’s comments were arguably perhaps even more distasteful than Caesar’s, and some of the women on stage made no qualms about making disapproving faces. As this topic of conversation continued, it became apparent that Caesar feels he’s more attractive or appealing to women outside of the US.

Tania wants to have a good time

Tania smiling on 90 Day: The Single Life

Tania, 90 Day: The Single Life (Image credit: TLC)

The major Tania news of the Tell All is she is interested in enjoying her single life. However, the catch is she’s not quite single, as she is still married to Syngin with no immediate plans of divorcing. For her, the marriage is over and her husband is out of sight, so out of mind. Debbie attempted to get clarity on why Tania is not more eager to get a divorce, but Tania rebutted she just doesn’t think about it. 

Anyway, while Tania has an interest in finding a new mate, she’s also interested in just exploring romance with "women and couples."

Colt and Vanessa aren’t on good terms

Colt and Vanessa on 90 Day: The Single Life

Colt and Vanessa on 90 Day: The Single Life (Image credit: TLC)

During the 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 Tell All, Debbie was a punching bag for her son Colt and his wife Vanessa. The couple was quick to blame Debbie for their marital problems and lashed out at her in a way that most children wouldn’t dare with a parent. 

Fast forward to the season 3 Tell All, and Debbie and Colt came face to face for the first time since she moved to Canada with her boyfriend, Tony. It’s clear that Colt and Debbie are still at odds, as he offered no remorse for the way he spoke to Debbie during the course of the season. Additionally, in a shocking twist, there was actually some tension between Colt and Vanessa. When Shaun asked about the status of their marriage, Vanessa was quick to say:

“I’ve never experienced Colt without Debbie, and I feel like I gained a son now.” 

By no stretch of the imagination is that statement a compliment.

Jesse makes an unwanted appearance

Jesse calling in via a video for the 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All

Jesse, 90 Day: The Single Life  (Image credit: TLC)

Viewers familiar with the 90 Day universe know surprise guests are a standard of Tell Alls. This was no different, as 90 Day: The Single Life season 2 star Jesse resurfaced. To the season 3 cast, his video call into the reunion was most unwelcomed, especially by Tim and Veronica, who have a tumultuous history with Jesse and his possible girlfriend Jeniffer. 

Jesse’s segment was odd, because although he was brought there to talk about Tim's involvement in Veronica’s love life, the conversation quickly became about the unsolved mystery as to whether or not Jesse was still with Jeniffer. 

Debbie was the first to claim the former Single Life stars were no longer together, citing one of Jeniffer’s replies on social media where she claimed the two were not. Jesse refuted the claim, saying Jeniffer meant she and Jesse weren’t in the same physical location. 

Debbie then brought up a video Jesse posted seemingly asking people how to get over a broken heart. Jesse claimed not to know what Debbie was talking about, but Tim stated he saw the same video. Jesse then showed a visual clip of Jeniffer claiming to miss him, but by this point, the cast was over the topic of conversation. 

Veronica is dating 90 Day star Kimberly’s son

Jamal and Veronica smiling on the 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All

Jamal and Veronica, 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All (Image credit: TLC)

In perhaps one of the most shocking moments of the three-part Tell All, Veronica revealed she is dating Jamal. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? recall that Jamal is the grown son of Kimberly

Veronica said she first took note of Jamal on the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 Tell All with his mother. Later, Veronica wound up reaching out to him because she was headed to San Diego and knew he used to live there, so she thought he may have some suggestions on where she should visit. Instead of just providing her with a list, he met her in the city and the two hung out. While it was clear Veronica was giddy and excited about the blooming romance, Tim was noticeably disgruntled. 

Tim was not a fan that Veronica and Jamal are not committed to each other and that Kimberly’s son is dating other women. Despite it being Veronica’s idea the two don’t date exclusively, Tim doesn’t believe Veronica should be "lowering herself" to be with Jamal if he’s willing to see other people. Tim doesn’t buy his ex is comfortable with Jamal hooking up with other people, especially since she is not. 

If you’ve missed any of The 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All, you can rewatch the explosive event over on Discovery Plus.  

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