All the songs on the Emily in Paris season 2 soundtrack and who sings them

Lily Collins, Ashley Park and Camille Razat in Emily in Paris
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There’s a lot more singing in Emily in Paris season 2 and for a good reason. Emily’s bestie Mindy (played by Ashley Park) starts dedicating time and effort to her music career in Paris (after a failed attempt in China), which means her character gets to belt out some amazing tunes.

“Mon Soleil”, the original song Ashley Park sings in the season finale, was created with her friend Freddy Wexler (who wrote "Stuck with You" for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande). Ashley told British Vogue: “Darren [Star, the show’s creator] had come up to me and said, ‘I think we should do an original song.’ I was like, ‘Great. I don’t read music though.’ Luckily, my friend Freddy Wexler was available to collaborate… It’s Stevie Wonder vibes, but French, romantic and very pop.”

She also covered BTS’ “Dynamite”, which got the attention of one of the band’s members. RM reacted to it with a video on social media, which Ashley later shared, adding: “Honestly still on a high from this. RM giggling and Huh-ing was my peak.”

 The full Emily in Paris season 2 soundtrack 

If you’ve watched the show and you enjoyed what you heard, you’ll be glad to know the soundtrack (listed below) is available on all streaming platforms. If you're a Spotify fan, check out the Emily in Paris Spotify playlist.

  • “Mon Soleil” by Ashley Park
  • “Sympathique” by Ashley Park
  • “Falling Slowly” by Ashley Park
  • “L’Amour est un Oiseau Rebelle” (Carmen, Act 1 Remix) by The Math Club
  • “Springfield 61” by L’Epee
  • “Ce Soir” by Kumisolo
  • “Nuit” by Yndi
  • “Just One Dance” by PLUM
  • “Je ne te Quitte Pas” by Fred Nevche
  • “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” by Ashley Park
  • “Main Title Theme” by James Newton Howard
  • “La Martinique” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Notre de Paris” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “La Douce” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Archipelago” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Mo Bossa” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Kashmir Good Boy” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Street Fire” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Balzac” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “Paris Light” by Chris Alan Lee
  • “La Vie En Rose” by Ashley Park

All the songs from Emily in Paris season 2 by episode 

Not all songs from the show are included in the soundtrack album but don’t worry we’ve done the hard work for you and listed all the songs from Emily in Paris season 2 by episode — so you can listen to the whole thing in the soundtrack order or play songs episode by episode. Enjoy! 

Emily in Paris Episode 1, Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi?

Emily in Paris: Sylvie and Emily and Camille

(Image credit: Netflix)
  • “Beach break (Sofi Tukker Remix)” by Julietta
  • “Springfield 61” by L’epee
  • “Paris la Nuit” by Paul Reeves
  • “Marche nocturne” by Corine
  • “Dynamite” by Ashley Park (BTS cover)
  • “Saint Germain” by Amaury Louvet
  • “Sans lendemain” by La Riviera
  • “Aimants” by Monterosso

Emily in Paris Episode 2, Do You Know the Way to St. Tropez? 

  • “Mezcalight” by Dopamoon
  • “Désunis de ‘univers” by Victorine
  • “Douliou-douliou Saint Tropez” by André Pascal, Raymond Lefèvre, Paul Mauriat
  • “Adventures” by Future Pelo
  • “La flemme” by Nell Widmer
  • “Just one dance” by Plum, Tanaë
  • “Va voir ailleurs” by Eliott Jane
  • “I’m your unicorn” by Devin Hoffman, Holiday Rogers
  • “Freedom” by Elle Valenci

Emily in Paris Episode 3, Bon Anniversaire 

  • “Dreams” by L’epee
  • “Tout sinon rien” by Juniore
  • “Un jour ou l’autre” by Juniore
  • “Red Carpet Sand” by Nayad
  • “Tes Yeux” by Les Terribles
  • “On the Beach” by Darwin
  • “Holy Lakes (Dusk)” by Nayad

Emily in Paris Episode 4, Jules and Em 

  • “Shut Up (When you Talk to Me)” by Loui Sixteen
  • “Fleur de sel” by Elle & Lui
  • “Magnetic Woman” by Eeerie Wanda
  • “I don’t want you to go” by Spurs
  • “Marcia Baïla” by Les Rira Mitsouko
  • “Rebecca” by Des Roses
  • “Sounds familiar (French version)” by Owlle
  • “Jules et Jim” by Georges Delerue
  • “All by myself” by Ashley Park (Celine Dion cover)
  • “Tu Me Demandes Si Je T’Aime” by Cora Madou
  • “Fils D’Or” by Burning Peacocks

Emily in Paris Sylvie Grateau and Emily Cooper standing in front of a boat with lots of shopping bags

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Emily in Paris Episode 5, An Englishman in Paris 

  • “Chouchou” by Les Terribles
  • “Jim” by Faire
  • “Je suis venue te dire” by Insolente
  • “No Shangri La” by David Shaw and the Beat
  • “Nuit” by Yndi
  • “My Blood Runs Cold” by Laplace, Malory
  • “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” by Ashley Park
  • “Le besoin de la nuit” by Fred Nevché
  • “Balzac” by Chris Alan Lee

Emily in Paris Episode 6, Boiling Point  

  • “Girls say no” by Louis Sixteen
  • “Ça Y Est” by Elvett
  • “A La Sortie Du Lycee” by Stereo Total
  • “La ballade” by Sleeping
  • “+ La vie” by Ichon
  • “Comment tu vas finir” by Vendredi Sur Mer
  • “scared” by Sara-Danielle
  • “Ruling the Dancefloor” by Nicky J Van Der Lugt Melsert
  • “Valentina” by Vegomatic, Eric Los
  • “Falling Slowly”, Ashley Park, Kevin Dias (Original song by Marketa Irglová and Glen Hansard)
  • “Noir ou blanc” by Ichon, Loveni
  • “Baba Cool” by Loui Sixteen

Emily in Paris Episode 7, The Cook, the Thief, Her Ghost and His Lover 

  • “Claque-le” by Bagarre
  • “Si j’étais une fille” by Hyperclean
  • “JTM” by Charlotte Fever
  • “Seize the Day” by Wax Tailor, Charlotte Savary
  • “Crush” by Sebastian Paul
  • “I wanna Ahah!” by Gabriel
  • “La flemme” by Owlle
  • “Allons skier” by Thierry Los, The Vrooming Crew
  • “Hello” by Nell Widmer
  • “Paradigme” by La Femme

 Emily in Paris Episode 8, Champagne Problems 

  • “Solo” by Julia Jean-Baptiste
  • “L’Essor” by Biche
  • “Le chevalier” by Fille à Papa
  • “Cool Colorado” by La Femme
  • “Summer is Gone” by Kid Francesco
  • “Pas d’ici (Mixed)” by Ehla
  • “Moi je joue” by Brigitte Bardot 
  • “Les Toits” by A Bogota
  • “Vagues dans la Mer” by Theodora

 Emily in Paris Episode 9, Scents & Sensibility

  • “La fête noire” by Flavien Berger 
  • “Truth Nugget” by Helena Deland
  • “Pink Smoke” by Painted Pale
  • “George Michael (Plaisir de France Remix)” by Daprinski
  • “Sadie & Maud” by Prince Innocence

Emily in Paris Episode 10, French Revolution 

  • “Never Going Home Again” by Tyra Jutai, Think Differently
  • “San” by Bordo
  • “That Kinda Girl” by Pink Shark Music
  • “Fancy” by Pink Shark Music
  • “Mon Soleil” by Ashley Park (original song)
  • “Eden” by Futuro Pelo
  • “Carmen, Act 1 - “L’Amour est un Oiseu Rebelle (Remix)” by The Math Club
  • “Au Pays de Mercelles Juliet” by Moodioid
  • “Saudade (Mixed)” by Matveï
  • “Forget” by Ancient Pools
  • “Body to Body” by Bordo, Atëna
  • “Kunigonde” by Charlotte Fever
  • “Tenir Droit” by Mélissendre
  • “Eifell Tower” by Paprika Kinski
  • “Mirage” by Owlle

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