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Meet the Indian Matchmaking season 2 cast: who's who in the Netflix reality series

Sima in Indian Matchmaking season 2
Sima Taparia's here to help even more millennials find their perfect partners. (Image credit: Netflix)

Indian Matchmaking is back, and a new batch of singletons have joined the Indian Matchmaking season 2 cast desperate for help from Mumbai's premier matchmaker, Sima Taparia.

Sima's work is never over, as another batch of singletons has decided to put their love lives in her very capable hands in the second series of Netflix's Emmy-nominated dating series which is available to stream right now.

However, there aren't just some fresh clients who've recruited Sima, but there are some returning faces back for season 2, some of whom have taken the search for love into their own hands! 

Here's a rundown of who's in the Indian Matchmaking season 2 cast.

Who's who in the Indian Matchmaking season 2 cast

Who is the Indian Matchmaking host Sima Taparia?

Sima in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Sima is an expert in matching people up. (Image credit: Netflix)

Sima Taparia is the host and matchmaker who helps the Indian Matchmaking cast get matched up with other singles and, eventually, helps to guide them (and their families) through the arranged marriage process

She initially started out in Mumbai and has since helped high-profile clients from all over the world. She was also one of the matchmakers featured in the 2017 documentary, A Suitable Girl, which was co-directed by Smriti Mundhra, who went on to create Indian Matchmaking.

Speaking to Metro (opens in new tab), she claimed that she first set out to be a matchmaker to help people. She told them: "Since childhood God has given me a unique ability to talk to people, to understand them, to socialise with them and connect to people. 

"I like talking to people. I like socialising, understanding their personalities. When I knew I had this knack and this hobby and quality in me, I thought why not help our community in India because this is a very important subject." 

Who are this season's singletons?

As we already mentioned, Indian Matchmaking season 2 features a cast of new and returning faces. Although the new cast members are eager to see if Sima's techniques will help them find love, some of the returning stars have taken their search into their own hands.

Here's who will appear in the show this time around. 

Nadia Jagessar

Nadia in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Nadia is open to meeting more people in season 2. (Image credit: Netflix)

Nadia is an event planner from Morristown, New Jersey and is one of the returning cast members. She is still seeing a matchup from the previous series, but she doesn't think he's putting in enough effort to take their relationship to new heights. So, she's decided to continue to search for love with (and without) Sima's help.

Aparna Shewakramani

Aparna in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Aparna's continuing her search on her own terms. (Image credit: Netflix)

Although she's moved from Houston to the Big Apple, Aparna is still on the hunt for her true love. She's also returned from series 1, but this time she's decided to try to find someone on her own, whilst also dealing with the stresses of making a cross-country move.

Pradhyuman Maloo

Pradhyuman in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Pradhyuman has finally managed to find the one for him. (Image credit: Netflix)

Pradhyuman is from Mumbai. Sima set him up with over 150 people but he turned down every single one of her marriage suggestions last time around. On the bright side, he's managed to find someone all on his own, and his new partner Ashima will be cropping up in the second season.

Akshay Jakhete

Akshay in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Akshay doesn't get the opportunity to meet many new people. (Image credit: Netflix)

Akshay Jakhete is a new bachelor who's joined the show. He's nearing 40 and has trouble meeting people and going on dates as he lives in a small agricultural town in India. He's looking for someone who will share his passion for the family poultry farming business.

Viral Joshi 

Viral in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Will Viral's long list of criteria be too much of a challenge for Sima? (Image credit: Netflix)

According to Netflix, Viral is a successful, independent and confident woman from Durham, North Carolina. She's provided a long list of requirements to Sima for her partner. In the trailer, you can see her listing her diet as an "ovo-lacto-semi-vegetarian", which is just one of the many things on her list for her partner.

Arshneel Kochar

Arshneel in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Arshneel's worried he's spent too much time focusing on work. (Image credit: Netflix)

Arshneel is a doctor from Cleveland, Ohio who thinks his career is getting in the way of his love life, so he's enlisted Sima's help. He also wants to get a dog, and shares a love of Taco Bell with Sima.

Shital Patel

Shital in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Shital is feeling the pressure to settle down with someone. (Image credit: Netflix)

Shital is from New York City. Like Akshay, she's nearing 40, and she is starting to feel the pressure to settle down, but she has high standards for her potential partners. Her parents are in a successful arranged marriage, but this hasn't made her any less skeptical of some of Sima's philosophies. 

Vinesh Vasnani

Vinesh in Indian Matchmaking season 2

Is Vinesh ready to meet his match? (Image credit: Netflix)

Vinesh is an athletic dog-lover from Miami, Florida who's looking for someone who shares a similar lifestyle and can match his energy. However, the fact that he and his circle of friends and family are jokers does mean that Sima is a bit skeptical of him and wonders whether he's actually serious about finding the one.

Indian Matchmaking season 2 is available to stream on Netflix.

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