Meet the We Have a Ghost cast: who's who in the new Netflix comedy horror

The cast of We Have a Ghost, a Netflix horror comedy
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We Have a Ghost is a horror-comedy on Netflix that's fit for the whole family to enjoy.

It tells the story of the Presley family, who moves into a haunted house. Befriending the resident specter brings some useful supernatural perks, as well as fame and attention, but also the attention of cranks, kooks and the CIA.

So this is a story of a family coming together, and if you've watched it, you might have spotted some recognizable stars in the lead roles. So here's a guide to who's who in We Have a Ghost.

Anthony Mackie as Frank Presley

Anthony Mackie in We Have a Ghost

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The dad of the Presley family is Frank, and between financial difficulties, marital issues and a seeming predisposition for pyramid schemes, he's led his family into dire straits. However his decision to share videos of the ghost could turn things around.

Anthony Mackie is a huge star largely thanks to his recurring role as Sam Wilson / The Winter Soldier in loads of Marvel projects, especially the recent Captain America sequels, Avengers: Endgame and spinoff The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and he's set to reprise the role in a bunch more movies and TV shows.

Netflix has used the actor in plenty of Originals before including Outside the Wire, Black Mirror and Altered Carbon. He's also been in The Hurt Locker, The Adjustment Bureau and Million Dollar Baby, and is set to star in the upcoming adaptation of Twisted Metal.

Jahi Di'Allo Winston as Kevin Presley

Jahi Winston in We Have a Ghost

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Kevin is the youngest of the two Presley brothers, and while he's normally a recluse who only goes anywhere with his headphones in, his bonding with Ernest helps him come out of his shell.

Despite his young age, Jahi Di-Allo Winston has been in quite a few projects. He was the lead character in Netflix series Everything Sucks! and has also been in Queen & Slim, The Dead Don't Die and The Upside.

David Harbour as Ernest

David Harbour in We Have a Ghost

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Ernest is the ghost haunting the house the Presley's move into, but a poltergeist he is not — in fact, he's not very good at scaring people at all. Frank can't talk or remember his death, but with the help of the Presley family he'll dig into his past.

You probably recognize David Harbour as one of the stars of hit Netflix series Stranger Things, as the actor plays Sheriff Jim Hopper in every one of the seasons so far, but he's been in a lot more.

Harbour has also been in Black Widow, Hellboy, Violent Night, Extraction, Black Mass, The Equalizer, End of Watch, The Newsroom and Suicide Squad in the last few years. He's also scheduled to reprise his Black Widow role in further Marvel projects, and like Mackie will star in an upcoming video game adaptation, this time the movie version of hit video racing series Gran Turismo.

Erica Ash as Melanie Presley

Erica Ash in We Have a Ghost

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The mother of the Presley family, Melanie isn't as keen on the whole 'monetizing haunted house' scheme as her husband and sons, worried that this could be a case of Frank repeating his past mistakes.

Erica Ash is perhaps most recognizable for her role as a main character in Survivor's Remorse but she's also been in Uncle Drew and Scary Movie V, as well as sketch shows like The Big Gay Sketch Show and MADtv.

Jennifer Coolidge as Judy Romano

Jennifer Coolidge in We Have a Ghost

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Judy Romano, otherwise known as the West Bay Medium, as a TV parapsychologist who decides to host an episode with Frank and the Presleys, thinking that Ernest is a hoax. She's quite shocked to discover the ghost is, in fact, real.

It seems that Jennifer Coolidge is in basically everything these days: in the last year she's been in Prime Video original movie Shotgun Wedding, hit TV show The White Lotus and the popular Netflix series The Watcher.

Coolidge has been a popular and recognizable actress for many years though having also been in Promising Young Woman, American Pie, Epic Movie, A Cinderella Story, 2 Broke Girls, friends spin-off Joey and the Legally Blonde movies.

Tig Notaro as Leslie Monroe

Tig Notaro at the premier for We Have a Ghost

(Image credit: Netflix)

Leslie Monroe used to work for the CIA investigating paranormal phenomena, before the division was shut down 20 years ago. However when Ernest shows up in the house, the CIA reforms the division to investigate the ghost.

Tig Notaro is primarily a stand-up comedian, having worked on many comedy series like Inside Amy Schumer, The Sarah Silverman Program, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Comedy Central Presents, and has also been in comedies like One Mississippi, Instant Family and Your Place or Mine.

More recently, she's been taking on more dramatic roles, like in Army of the Dead and  Star Trek: Discovery.

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