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Purple Hearts ending explained: do Cassie and Luke end up together?

Nicholas Galitzine as Luke, Sofia Carson as Cassie
Do Cassie and Luke end up together in Netflix's Purple Hearts? (Image credit: Mark Fellman/Netflix)

Warning! Contains spoilers for Purple Hearts!

Purple Hearts is a Netflix movie making watchers grab their tissues and dry their teary eyes at the emotional romance.

Based on the book by Tess Wakefield of the same name, it follows struggling singer-songwriter Cassie (Sofia Carson) and troubled marine Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), who agree to marry purely for military benefits. However, their pretend marriage soon becomes complicated when real feelings soon blossom between the pair.

Throughout the movie, we see the couple go through a rollercoaster of emotions, explosive showdowns and eventually accepting each other despite their differences.

But what happened at the end of Purple Hearts? Here is everything you need to know…

Purple Hearts ending explained: do Cassie and Luke end up together? 

Cassie and Luke embrace

(Image credit: Netflix)

As Cassie, who has now achieved her dreams in becoming a successful artist towards the end of the movie, prepares to play the grand event at the Hollywood Bowl, she watches her and Luke’s wedding video.

After her tear-jerking performance, she rushes over to the military base before Luke is taken away.

The two kiss and declare their love for each other, while Cassie promises to wait for him until he’s released.

At the end, Cassie and Luke are head over heels in love as they walk along the beach with their dog, Peaches, ready to kickstart their life of love.

Was Cassie and Luke’s marriage actually fake? 

Cassie and Luke get married

(Image credit: Mark Fellman/Netflix)

At the start, Cassie and Luke enter a fake marriage solely for military benefits. For Cassie, it was because she wanted the health insurance to cover her medication as she has Type 1 Diabetes.

However, Luke wanted the additional income to pay off his disgruntled and violent drug dealer Johnno (Anthony Ippolito).

It’s obvious that the pair don’t get along as they are at constant loggerheads over their strikingly different opinions and views on the world, so we know that their marriage was purely based on their own wants and needs and that they weren’t in love with each other.

But, as the couple play pretend and try to keep the facade of a genuine marriage to convince his family that they are really in love, they soon realize that they have genuine feelings for each other.

In short, yes it really was a sham marriage at the beginning, but in that classic enemies-turned-to-lovers trope, they form a romantic connection and their game of pretend soon turns real.

Did Cassie and Luke get caught out and punished for their fake marriage?

Thanks to Luke’s dodgy dealer, Johnno, who exposed the pair’s fake nuptials to Cassie’s mother, Marisol (Loren Escandon), Luke was arrested and taken back to base to be court martialled.

Cassie heard the news that he had been arrested after receiving a phone call from Luke’s father, Jacob (Linden Ashby) asking her if it was all an act.

“Not all of it,” a stunned Cassie admitted, before later showing up at the trial.

During the trial, in order to stop criminal charges made against Cassie, Luke lied and told the military judge that he coerced Cassie into marrying him and that she didn’t know it violated any military law.

He went on to say that he accepted full responsibility and that he would face the consequences of his actions.

Luke was immediately found guilty and sentenced to six months in a military prison and would be discharged from the marines for bad conduct. This meant that the charges were withdrawn against Cassie and she could carry on living her life.

What happened to Frankie?

Frankie (Chosen Jacobs) was Cassie’s lifelong friend and now a marine, who she initially asked to marry her so she could get the marine wife benefits. However, he turned down the idea because he had a girlfriend he wanted to marry.

Towards the end of the movie, Frankie was sadly killed in combat in the same attack that injured Luke, which left everyone distraught.

Purple Hearts is available to watch on Netflix now.

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