Queen of Oz cast: Who's who in the Catherine Tate comedy series

Queen Georgiana (Catherine Tate) in the Queen of Oz key art
(Image credit: BBC/Lorenzo Agius)

Get ready to meet the Queen of Oz cast who are set to feature in the BBC comedy series.

Queen of Oz is a spoof sitcom that turns its gaze on the royal family. After one scandal too many, party girl Princess Georgiana (Catherine Tate) is sent to Australia to become the nation's new queen, in order to prevent further damage to the monarchy's reputation. 

Read on to find out a little bit more info about Georgiana and the rest of the Queen of Oz cast below, including who plays each member of her staff and where you might know the actors from. Don't forget to check out our recommendations for the best BBC comedies to stream on BBC iPlayer, too.

Meet the Queen of Oz cast: Catherine Tate as Queen Georgiana

Catherine Tate in a red dress and gown with a glass of wine in the key art of Queen of Oz

(Image credit: BBC/Lorenzo Agius)

Catherine Tate leads the Queen of Oz as Princess Georgiana, who's shipped off down under to become the titular royal. There are two reasons the monarchy's made this decision: they want to prevent Australia from leaving the Commonwealth, and they'd prefer to keep her more out of the public eye to try and stop her regular faux-pas and scandals from damaging the future of the institution. 

Of the character, Tate said: "She's very difficult, very hard to work for, and doesn't make it easy for anyone. She's spoilt, entitled, and deeply unpleasant which of course makes her a great character to play."

Where else have you seen Catherine Tate? Catherine Tate is no stranger to comedy, having starred in and written The Catherine Tate Show, The Nan Movie, and Hard Cell. Doctor Who fans will also know her as Donna Noble, one of David Tennant's companions (she's returning for the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary specials, too), and you may also know her from The Office or Big School.

Jenna Owen as Zoe

Jenna Owen as Zoe in Queen of Oz

(Image credit: BBC/Lingo)

Jenna Owen plays Zoe, Princess Georgiana's Director of Communications. 

Where else have you seen Jenna Owen? Owen has also appeared in Joe vs. Carole, Eden, Black Comedy, The Feed, and Squinters.

Robert Coleby as Bernard

Robert Coleby as Bernard in Queen of Oz

(Image credit: BBC/Lingo)

Robert Coleby plays Bernard, Georgiana's Private Secretary.

Where else have you seen Robert Coleby? Coleby has had roles in Patrol Boat, Paradise Beach, A Place to Call Home, The Young Doctors, Carson's Law, E.A.R.T.H. Force, Mission: Impossible, Monarch Cove, and Darby and Joan, among many others.

Rob Collins as Marc

Rob Collins as Marc in Queen of Oz

(Image credit: BBC/Lingo)

Rob Collins is also part of the Queen of Oz cast. He plays Marc Kemarre, Georgiana's Head of Security.

Where else have you seen Rob Collins? Collins has appeared in Extraction, Mystery Road, Total Control, RFDS, Firebite, Upright, Glitch, Cleverman, The Wrong Girl, and has recently featured in Ten Pound Poms.

William McKenna as Matthew

Will McKenna as Matthew in Queen of Oz

(Image credit: BBC/Lingo)

William McKenna plays Georgiana's Personal Assistant, Matthew.

Where else have you seen William McKenna? McKenna has appeared in The Messenger, Nowhere Boys and You're Skitting Me. 

Anthony Brandon Wong as Wei Wei Weng

Wei Wei in Queen of Oz

(Image credit: BBC/Lingp)

Anthony Brandon Wong plays Wei Wei Weng, the Master of the Household.

Where else have you seen Anthony Brandon Wong? Wong played Ghost in The Matrix Revolutions and The Matrix Reloaded, and he's featured in The PM's Daughter, Upright, The Family Law, Nowhere Boys, and Home and Away, among others.

Niky Wardley as Anabel

Anabel (Niky Wardley) in Queen of Oz

(Image credit: BBC/Lingo)

Niky Wardley plays Georgiana's Lady in Waiting, Anabel.

Where else have you seen Niky Wardley? Wardley has collaborated with Catherine Tate on several of her projects, including the Netflix series, Hard Cell, The Catherine Tate Show, and The Nan Movie. She's also appeared in Peep Show, Coronation Street,The Spa, Love & Marriage, Asylum and Casualty

Queen of Oz airs weekly at 9.30 pm on BBC One from Friday, June 16. All six episodes will be available to stream on BBC and BBC iPlayer on the same day.

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