Running Up That Hill in TV and movies: every time the Kate Bush track has been used

Running Up That Hill artist Kate Bush
Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill has soundtracked a number of films and TV shows... (Image credit: Getty Images)

"Running Up That Hill" is an iconic 1985 hit for English artist Kate Bush, and it has recently attracted a huge modern fanbase after it was featured in season 4 of Netflix's Stranger Things

In fact, Stranger Things season 4 fans were so enamored with the track that it's now gone to number one in the UK charts (!) and Kate Bush made a statement thanking fans for their support, and for enjoying her music.

Bush also set a record for the longest time between number ones, with a 44-year gap between her first, "Wuthering Heights", and now "Running Up That Hill".

But this isn't the only time the haunting track has been used to soundtrack film and TV, as it's also appeared in many others over the years, as many regard it as one of Kate Bush's best songs, so it's fitting that it's found its way into some programmes and movies set in that era.

In addition to this, there have also been covers of the song featured in films and TV, but only a handful have used the original Kate Bush version.

So here's where you can find Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" in TV and film...

Stranger Things

Sadie Sink as Max sitting at a grave in Stranger Things

(Image credit: Netflix)

What episode of Stranger Things is Running Up That Hill in?

In season 4: chapter 4 titled Dear Billy, Max is sitting with her friends when she's taken by Stranger Things season 4's new villain Vecna, who preys on teens who have suffered trauma, using his psychic powers to enter their minds while they're at their most vulnerable and Max is his next target following the death of her stepbrother.

Using quick thinking, Max's friends were able to get inside her head themselves by putting on her headphones and getting her to listen to her favorite song, Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" which gave her the strength to break free and run towards her friends as the track played, finally free of Vecna's grasp.

It's a Sin

The cast of It's A Sin.

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What episode of It's a Sin is Running Up That Hill in?

In episode 5 of Russell T. Davies' mini series It's a Sin, the Kate Bush track is used as director Peter Hoar and creator Davies said it “felt right” to include Bush’s classic song in the series, which explores the devastating AIDS pandemic in the 1980s.

Speaking to The Guardian, Hoar explained the reason for choosing that song and said: "They’re sat there just thinking: we don’t know what to do. Jill is taking responsibility, but what can they say? That song is about women and men swapping places, and certainly the idea of taking someone’s place is pertinent."


The cast of Netflix series Pose

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What episode of Pose is Running Up That Hill in?

In the pilot episode of Pose, the Kate Bush track was introduced and it has become the official soundtrack to Stan (Evan Peters) and Angel's (Indya Moore) relationship among fans of the popular FX series.

Fans have reshared the moment on Twitter, proving it remains an iconic track and moment for Pose fans, even if their relationship ended up being short-lived.

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The Chocolate War (1988)

The Chocolate War

(Image credit: Management Company Entertainment Group (MCEG).)

This is the first film that used Kate Bush's iconic song, and joined other well-known tracks such as "In My Room" and "Ode" to Boy by Yazoo. The film follows a gang of students at Trinity Catholic School called The Vigils and was directed by Keith Gordon.

Running Scared (1986)

"Running Up That Hill" was scarily used as the title track for this BBC children’s drama — it freaked out a lot of kids in the 1980s! The drama followed the story of a teenager who had undiscovered evidence against a gang, led by a character played by The Bill legend Christopher Ellison. 

Which covers have been used?

Placebo's version of "Running Up That Hill" has been used on the Daybreakers film soundtrack as well as in hit TV shows Big Little Lies and How To Get Away With Murder, so it's been a popular choice as an alternative to Kate's original version.

The Placebo cover was also used in season 4 of the ITV2 dating show Love Island.

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