What to watch after 'Normal people'

Connell and Marianne in Normal People
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Here’s what to watch after Normal People, which captivated so many viewers. 

When BBC drama Normal People, an adaptation of the best-selling novel by Sally Rooney, aired last year, people fell in love with not just the main characters Connell and Marianne, but the way they fumbled their way through a teenage relationship with all the awkwardness and communication problems that come with a first love. 

If you’ve already re-watched it for the millionth time and you’re still on the hunt for a romance drama that hits the same spot, then we’ve got some great suggestions for you.


Box Set Binge: Fleabag

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Fleabag, played and written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, was originally a one woman stage show, but was adapted into a two-part TV series. It tells the tale of a young woman who is sexually curious, but also quite stubborn and angry — due to her best friends’ death. 

She has various hilarious encounters with men, including one with a "hot priest", played by Andrew Scott in the second series. The critically acclaimed second season won various awards and starred Olivia Colman as her stepmother and Sian Clifford, as her very uptight sister Claire.

Number of seasons: 2

Number of episodes: 12

Average episode length: 23 – 28 minutes 

Where to watchUS: Amazon Prime UK: BBC iPlayer

'The Affair'

Set in Montuak, New York, The Affair tells the tale of two couples, from two points of view, both unhappy in their relationships – which ultimately lead to Alison and Noah having an affair with each other. Exploring love, infidelity, success, and relationships as you pull families apart, it has various twist and turns and explores the couple’s journey as they embark on a complicated love affair. 

Number of seasons: 5

Number of episodes: 53 in total

Average episode length: 50 minutes

Where to watchUS: Amazon Prime, ShowTime or VUDU UK: Amazon Prime, Now TV


When geek Gus breaks up with his girlfriend he meets Mickey, a fun-loving wild child, who’s the complete opposite to him. The series explores dating through the perspectives of both men and women. Created by Judd Apatow the comedy also explores their different characters – with Gus being an awkward needy boyfriend and Mickey an alcoholic who likes to cause problems. The series was cut by Netflix after series three, despite getting some great reviews.

Number of seasons: 3

Number of episodes: 34 in total

Average episode length: 27 - 40 minutes

Where to watchUS: Netflix UK: Netflix

'Sex Education' 

Sex Education season 3 episode four

(Image credit: Sam Taylor/ Netflix)

Otis is not only a failure at dating, but also has a sex therapist as a mother (played by Gillian Anderson) – who is constantly trying to quiz him about his sex life. Otis quickly finds out that all his school friends are just as clueless about sex, so along with another student, Maeve, who Otis quickly falls in love with, he sets up an anonymous sex clinic to help them with their problems. The show intelligently and hysterically explores teenage sex with various awkward encounters that most of us can sympathise with. Sex Education season 3 is now available on Netflix.

Number of seasons: 3

Number of episodes: 24

Average episode length: 40 mins

Where to watchUS: Netflix UK: Netflix


This British TV comedy follows Dylan as he meets up with the women he has slept with — including one-night stands and long relationships, to tell them he has Chlamydia. The series sees various flashbacks to his past relationships and ultimately explains why they didn’t work. 

The episodes also feature his best friends Dylan and Luke, and reveal how, in the present day, his friend and former flame Evie, is engaged. The episodes act as a mystery, as just when you think you’re going to find out what happened, it cuts to the present day again. A clever take on the romcom sitcom. 

Number of seasons: 3

Number of episodes: 22

Average episode length: 21 – 27 mins

Where to watchUS: Netflix UK: Netflix

'Love Life' 

An anthology series, which follows one characters love life over the years – the first series starred Anna Kendrick as Darby, a young New York woman looking for love. The series explores her long-term relationships, including one with her former boss and various casual flings. While it also looks at how other relationships, with your friends and family, can impact how you feel about love and act in relationships. The second series is due to air this year.

Number of seasons: 1

Number of episodes: 10

Average episode length: 28 – 37 minutes  

Where to watchUS: Netflix UK: BBC iPlayer

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